Fast solution to fight fever, pain, rhinitis


  1. Rhinitis can be caused by more than 200 various viruses, which are transmitted through the air and by hand contact. Viruses are spread by the ill person, who is contagious throughout the entire clinical period of the illness of about 5 to 10 days. Rhinoviruses cause illnesses of the upper respiratory tract only and almost never are the cause of inflammations of the deep respiratory tract.
  2. The onset of the illness is usually acute, less often gradual. Symptoms, which suggest that you have caught rhinitis, can be manifested as early as within a couple of hours after coming in contact with the virus carrier. The rhinitis virus is characterised by sneezing, scratching in the throat, difficulty breathing through the nose, as well as tightness and pressure in the head, especially around temples.
  3. After a couple of hours, the patient has liquid discharge from the nose, which later become mucous and thick. The patient can also begin to water his eyes, appear dry cough and hoarse voice. The temperature remains normal or slightly increases.