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Flu symptoms

  1. If flu manifestations are minor, symptoms are not very marked; the patient might have a slightly higher temperature, or feel poorly. In a few days, the health condition improves, and the patient is not even aware of having suffered from flu.
  2. In case of moderate severity, temperature can increase up to 39 °C and more, the patient suffers from aching muscles and joints, cannot tolerate bright light; develops a cough — dry and painful at first —, there might be pain behind the breastbone, conjunctival redness in eyes, congested nose. Special caution must be exercised and must observe the patient’s overall health condition, if the patient suffers from a chronic cardiovascular or pulmonary disease, because, even within a very short time, the condition can rapidly change and urgent medical care might be required.
  3. In case of extreme forms of flu, the previously mentioned symptoms can be accompanied with encephalopathy, pulmonary oedema, nosebleed. Very high temperature, even up to 40.5 °C and pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs).